Parents Info

A key part of the child’s success at school is dependent on the parent’s participation and interest. We encourage parental involvement and support in school activities. We expect the parents to endorse and promote the values and life skills that we teach at North Sands. We encourage an informal and open relationship with our parents so that honesty and trust can develop.

Parent Feedback

We believe that discussion with regard to the child’s progress is extremely important. We insist on three meetings per year, usually at the end of each term, but we are happy to meet more regularly if necessary. The parent feedback meetings include every educator or therapist who has contact with your child. At the parent feedback, the individual goals for the next term are set up.


School Calendar 2019

TERM 1 (43 days)
Start: Wednesday 16 January
Close: Friday 15 March
TERM 2 (48 days)
Start: Wednesday 3 April
Close: Friday 14 June
Close: Friday 26 April
Return: Thursday 2 May

Public Holidays:
Friday 19 April (Good Friday)
Monday 22 April (Family Day)

TERM 3 (52 Days)
Start: Wednesday 10 July
Close: Friday 20 September
Public Holidays:
Friday 9 August (Women's Day)
TERM 4 (44 Days)
Start: Tuesday 8 October
Close: Thursday 6 December
Total 187 days and 10 Saturdays


School Times

Juniors Gr 3
School Times Break
Monday to Friday: 07h30 to 13h10 09h30 to 09h50
Homework: 13h45 to 14h30 11h50 to 12h10
Seniors Gr 4-6
School Times Break
Monday to Thursday: 07h30 to 13h40 09h30 to 09h50
Friday: 07h30 to 13h10 11h50 to 12h10
Homework: 14h00 to 14h30  
Aftercare: 14h30 to 17h30  

Uniforms & Stationery

North Sands has a uniform which is simple and practical. It is available at Mc Cullough and Bothwell in Fourways Crossing.
As noted in the school Code of Conduct, the correct wearing of uniform is important since it is an indication of the pupil’s regard for their school.
All uniform items must be labeled. We adhere to a, “no hat, no play” policy and caps must be worn when the children are outdoors. Shoes may be removed at school in the summer months.

Uniform List

Stationery lists are sent out at the end of the year .



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